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Here you will find research reports, white papers and curated content about the opportunities ahead to harness the ocean and accelerate the Blue Economy for countries across the globe.


SeaWatchAI: A Blue/AI Enhancement Illustrating Hybrid Generative AI for Ocean Data Processing, Prediction, and Exploration by Non-Experts at Scale 

This recent research paper shares how Bluemvmt is collaborating with USM to power their new generative AI platform.


The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change

This report from the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy described 5 areas of ocean-based climate actions that will have a significant impact in curbing climate change. 


The Science We Need for the Ocean We Want

Outlines what is at stake and what must be accomplished from the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.


Challenges and Opportunities for Ocean Data to Advance Conservation and Management

The heart of the matter. This paper includes a comprehensive literature review and illustrates the technological, institutional, financial and
cultural challenges faced by the ocean data community,

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