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We unlock data-driven decision making that simply isn’t possible today.

Until now.

Everyone likes this idea.
Even this guy.

Dr. Leo Brewster

Director, Coastal Zone Management Unit, Barbados

Bluemvmt’s innovative subsea monitoring platform will provide the critical data we need to proactively manage our marine resources toward both conservation and commercial outcomes.

Erik Brine

Director, 401 Tech Bridge

Bluemvmt's vision for hardware and software solutions for data collection, aggregation and exploitation shows tremendous potential for playing a key role in Rhode Island's Blue Economy Smart Bay initiative.

Stephen Piper

Lead Partner, State of Rhode Island,

IBM Consulting

Bluemvmt’s focus on ocean health resonates with our commitment to environmental stewardship. Together, we can pioneer solutions that not only protect marine life but promote sustainable practices across industries.


Devices that collect ocean data don’t communicate easily

Data that does exist are often locked in data silos

Issues around data ownership and use inhibit  sharing

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