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Closing the Data Gap

The ocean holds many mysteries.

 Data does not need to be one of them.


Bluemvmt’s Mission is to protect, restore and harness ocean resources toward both conservation and commercial outcomes

There are three parts to our business model:

  1. Subsea Monitoring Platform (SMP)

  2. Big Data Analytics

  3. Innovative Business Model

We serve a targeted set of customers with measurable, growing conservation and commercial needs, saving time, money, and delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency.


We use breakthrough technologies for ocean monitoring and data collection

Bluemvmt's Subsea Monitoring Platform (SMP) collects data from the world's most advanced technology providers including the Vertex Autonomous Underwater Swarm from Hydromea.  We derive insights from a range of sensors, cameras, hydrophones and other devices deployed either near-shore, or in the deep sea. Ecological, biological and geophysical data is captured to fuel a host of SaaS-based subscription software solutions.


Rethinking the Future of Deep Sea Monitoring

Traditional monitoring is …economically unviable to fulfill the current policy for ecosystem monitoring with traditional approaches…Our vision is that elimination of the tether in combination with inductive battery recharge through fuel cell technology will facilitate self-sustained long-term autonomous operations over large areas, serving not only the needs of science, but also sub-sea industries like sub-sea oil and gas, and mining.

Prof. Jacopo Aguzzi et al

A Flexible Autonomous

Robotic Observatory

Infrastructure for Bentho-Pelagic Monitoring

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